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How to pick the perfect paint colour.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Paint is a great way of creating your own unique interior scheme. Whether you’re planning a bespoke paint effect such as an on-trend ombré, a striking statement wall or a tranquil tonal scheme, hopefully my top tips will help you choose the right colours for you and your individual style. All colours are available at Drew Decor Store, Sheffield where you can browse at your leisure and purchase as many sample pots as you like.

1. The Look you are wanting to create

Your home is your special place to express your style, your personality and lifestyle. When selecting paint colours you should first consider the overall look you want to achieve in the room; do you want to make a bold fashion statement, create a clean and bright minimal space or relax in a warm and cosy home.

Use your favourite clothes and homes’ pieces as inspiration for your colour choice – for example a rug, kitchen items or paintings.

Paint can completely transform a room and create a particular ambiance within your home. Don’t forget to think about the mood of your room. Your dining room might be a place of fun and laughter with friends and family, so could take on bright and bold. A child’ bedroom might need a calmer colour scheme to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

There are endless options for creating the look you want and I've picked a few of my favourite interior styles below to inspire you along your creative journey.

A statement wall is a great way to experiment with colour. Create a wow factor with a bold shade on your feature wall, accentuated by contrasting tones on the other walls and on your woodwork. This style can also be an easy way to introduce colour into your home if you’re unsure about applying it to all four walls. The front wall is 'Poison' and the background wall is 'Serpentine' by Zoffany. Available to buy from Drew Decor Store, Sheffield, the finest wallpaper and paint shop in Sheffield.

To create a country classic feel use a nature-inspired palette with warm neutrals and soft greens and blues for an inviting interior. Lots of light and natural wood will help you create the ultimate rural escape.

If you want to create a completely serene and tranquil home, opt for a soft and subtle neutral palette. Keep the tones of your chosen colours close to create a calm and relaxing ambiance.

2. The Light

Colours can be greatly affected by the light in the room so it’s important to consider how different shades may change throughout the day in both natural and artificial light. My best tip is to test colours with sample pots before you purchase your paint. With tester pots, you can try a colour on your wall and then observe how it changes in different light. You can purchase your sample pot from Drew Decor Store, Sheffield. It’s also useful to consider the direction of the room as this will have an impact on how much light the space will get.

North facing

With the least amount of natural light throughout the day, north-facing rooms can be a challenge to decorate. You could choose to opt for rich, dark shades to create an intimate look or if you want to maximise light and space, go for light neutrals with warn undertones.

East facing

The light in east-facing rooms can vary the most throughout the day; bright morning sunlight fades to darker evenings meaning that these rooms can look gloomy as the day goes on. Blues, greens and other cool tones are brought to life in the morning sun but still retain some light and vibrancy as the day goes on.

South facing

These rooms enjoy some level of light all day which means that both warm and cool shades are equally practical. Pale colours will work best in more compact spaces but if space isn’t an issue, richer tones will work wonderfully.

West facing

It’s important to consider how colours in west-facing rooms will be affected by both fading sunlight and artificial light. Whites and neutrals will make the most of any light in the room or you could even try a shade with a red undertone to bring the room to life in the evening sun.

The paint colours in the pictures above are all available from Drew Decor Store, Sheffield where we have our very own Zoffany and Sanderson paint stands for you to be able to browse at ease for that perfect colour, and purchase as many sample pots as you require before making a decision.

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