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Much more than a great team of painters and decorators

We’re a little different to most painting and decorating businesses in Sheffield, and we like it that way. But what makes us different? Well, because we offer the finest painting and decorating service in Sheffield. A painting and decorating team who are trusted and respected by hundreds of residential and commercial customers alike. And through our interiors shop in Sheffield, we also offer the materials you need to transform your property.

We offer a stunning selection of wallpaper, paint, and fabric of course. But we also offer interior design and styling advice, made to measure curtains and blinds, interior accessories, and a furniture re-upholstery service. So, when customers choose us for their next decorating project, they can use our incredible painting and decorating team, or just purchase supplies from our interiors shop, or they can have us design, supply, and install everything.

Decorators in Sheffield


The unrelenting pursuit of perfection

We have painted and decorated hundreds of properties in Sheffield over the years. Each property lavished with great care, attention to detail and a real pride in the work we do. We call it 'the unrelenting pursuit of perfection'.


We understand that your home is your pride and joy, your castle, and that every single step must be taken to ensure that it's transformed into a place of exceptional beauty. Whether your home is a country manor, a city mansion, a small town house, or terraced property, the love you have for your home is just the same.

Decorators in Sheffield

When we start a project we make sure all furniture, floors, carpets and other items are protected using a combination of cotton dust sheets, plastic sheets and tape. We use static plastic sheeting on furniture leaving it clean with no chance of dust or paint spray finding its way through and we lay cotton dust sheets onto the floor to protect the surface from paint, filler or dust.


We ensure all dents, holes, cracks, hair line cracks, nail pops, and peeling paint areas are identified, prepared, filled and sealed prior to painting. We use a mixture of fillers for different tasks. Gaps between painted wall and trim surfaces are caulked to provide a look of continuity. Toupret have the best range of fillers for all requirements.

Decorators in Sheffield
Decorators in Sheffield
Surface Stains and Priming

Surface stains such as water, ink, and oils are cleaned, primed and sealed prior to painting. We use a product called Zinsser that have a primer stain block for every stain from water stains to smoke damage. Repaired areas are re-primed and sealed to ensure proper paint adhesion and maximum paint build. Any bare areas from wood to plaster will be primed with the appropriate primer.


Glossy surfaces being painted are de-glossed by sanding to ensure proper adhesion. We use different grades of sand papers for different tasks from a heavy grade for bad plaster work to a fine grade for a smooth paint finish. After the preparation process the room is cleaned and vacuumed before any painting/papering is applied.

Decorators in Sheffield
Decorators in Sheffield

We only use and recommend the best possible paints. We have a great knowledge and understanding for all paints weather it’s for a bathroom, kitchen, exterior or a high traffic area like a hall, stairs and landing. Dulux Trade, Crown Trade, Valspar, Farrow & Ball and Johnstones are all superb paints all offering a different final finishes as specified by you.

Brushes & Rollers

There’s little point using the best paint available, only to apply it with inferior brushes and rollers. That’s why we generally use Purdy or Wooster brushes, because attention to detail and a superior finish is of the utmost importance when striving for smooth brush strokes and the perfect coat.

Decorators in Sheffield
Decorators in Sheffield
Wallpaper Hanging

When Drew Decor take on a wallpaper project we start by ensuring all wallpaper rolls are the same batch and the right amount of wallpaper has been ordered. Vitally important but often overlooked. We have vast knowledge in all types wall coverings and once again preparation is key. Preparation and cross lining the walls before is crucial. Pasting with the correct adhesive and using the latest tools and techniques to hang the wall covering is essential in making a sharp clean finish.

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