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By Appointment to the Queen.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Did you know that Cole & Son and Sanderson both have the prestigious mark of recognition - The Royal Warrant?

The Royal Warrant is granted to companies who often sell goods or services to the British Royal family, the royal warrant has longed been prized as a benchmark of excellence and quality which was formed in 1840. The Monarch decides who may grant Royal Warrants. These are known as the Grantors: HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales.

The Royal Warrant is the document that appoints the company in its trading capacity, and is granted to a named individual, known as the Grantee. The Warrant gives the Grantee the permission, and responsibility, for the display of the relevant Royal Arms in connection with the business.

Cole & Son have held the Royal Warrant since 1961 and Sanderson since 1923.

Cole & Son continues to produce innovative and beautiful designs; their current collections reflect their long and distinguished history as well as their continuing passion for new and exciting wallpapers, which is evident from their new collection - Fornasetti Senza Tempo which you can view and order from Drew Decor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TR, Sheffield's finest wallpaper & paint shop.

Sanderson continues to bring a timeless and easy elegance to modern family life and offer the warmest of welcomes. Simply put, it feels like home. Wellies by the door, cosy log fires and hearty suppers around a big kitchen table. This is Sanderson country. The new Glasshouse wallpaper collection by Sanderson is a truly stunning collection of eleven wallpapers, each respectfully designed to showcase the undeniable beauty of the original plant or flower. You can view this collection at Drew Decor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TR, Sheffield's finest wallpaper & paint shop.

Why not give your home the Royal stamp of approval by visiting Drew Decor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TR and browse through the wonderful wallpaper designs by Cole & Son and Sanderson, who have provided wallpapers for many historic houses including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

Drew Decor Store offers some of the finest quality products on the market today in a setting of comfort. A relaxed, refined environment where you can browse through wallpapers and paint in complete comfort whilst planning the home of your dreams.

Drew Decor Store has been designed to make it easier, more relaxed, more organised and more refined making it a more pleasurable experience for the customer. The brands available are Zoffany, Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Scion, Anthology, Cole & Son Today Interiors, Kandola, Anaglypta, Grandeco, Arte & HookedOnWalls

I understand that customers lead busy lives or may not want to discuss their home decor needs whilst other customers are present, and with this in mind I offer appointments outside normal opening times so that you have complete exclusivity of the shop, my services and my time.

Opening Times

Monday 10am - 5pm

Tuesday 10am - 5pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 10am - 5pm

Friday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 9.30am - 2pm


Appointments are available outside of our normal store hours if this is more suitable. Please contact 01142 169252.

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