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Why Create a Moodboard?


Here we talk about how creating a Moodboard for your interior design scheme can help you hone your vision.

Having a moodboard for interior design is incredibly helpful for several reasons. A moodboard is essentially a visual representation of the desired look and feel of a space, created by collecting and arranging images, textures, colours and other design elements. Here are some reasons why having a moodboard can greatly benefit you:

Visual Collaboration and Feedback

A moodboard serves as a visual communication tool, allowing you to effectively convey your design intentions and get your family or any other interested parties onboard. Instead of relying solely on verbal descriptions, a moodboard provides a clear visual reference so that everyone involved can be on the same page and work towards a unified design.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Embarking on a new interior decorating project can feel overwhelming. A moodboard acts as a starting point for the design process. By gathering a variety of images we can explore different design styles. It helps with refining design ideas and making informed decisions about the overall look and feel you are after.

Colour and Material Selection

Colours and materials play a crucial role in interior styling. A moodboard enables you to experiment with different colour schemes and material combinations. By including swatches, paint samples, fabric samples, or images of textures, you can visualise how various elements interact and create harmony or contrast within the space.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Creating a moodboard helps you make informed design decisions and avoid costly mistakes. By visually evaluating different options and comparing them side by side, you can assess their impact on the overall design and choose the most suitable elements. It allows you to refine your choices, eliminate inconsistencies, and ensure that the final design works as a whole.

Sanity Check

Again this relates to the potential overwhelm involved in getting a look together. You’ve looked at a lot of products, colours and finishes. Is this a mad idea? Or, conversely, is it mad enough? Do you need a bold statement piece or does the scheme need toning down? A Moodboard and the conversations and collaborations that follow are a great place to sense test your thinking.

In summary

A moodboard is an invaluable tool in interior design and styling, aiding in visual communication, concept development, element coordination, colour/material selection, decision-making and collaboration. It streamlines the thinking process, enhances creativity, and ensures that the final result reflects the envisioned style and atmosphere.

The good news is we are here to help. Based on your preferences we create Moodboards for £100 per room. This process begins with a free appointment in person in the Drew Decor showroom with one of our interior stylists so that you can view our collections and we can gauge your requirements. From this visit we will short list your favourite styles and if you like what you see (we are very confident you will!) We go on to create a bespoke Moodboard just for you. If you live further afield we can also help by Zoom.

We are a local and family-owned bricks and mortar showroom with a full range of wallpapers, made to measure window furnishings and luxury paints. You can even purchase Little Greene paint and wallpaper online here , Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the personal touch of a physical store, we have you covered.

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