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One Place to Go for Everything

Drew Decor Store and R. Drew Decorators are excited to announce that we have combined our websites and social media so that you have one place to go to for everything you need for your home and nothing you don’t.

Follow us on social media here:

And visit our new website here:

We strive to deliver a home you're incredibly proud of. Somewhere you can relax, unwind, and soak in your surroundings. Somewhere you're happy to share with friends and family. It's this focus along with a real passion for the work we do that has seen us develop into the finest full service interior design, painting, and decorating company in Sheffield.

Our interiors shop in Sheffield is located at 910 Ecclesall Road, where we serve the wonderful people of Sheffield and surrounding areas. We’re driven by our passion and obsession for incredible interiors and we want to offer advice and guidance so that you can make your home incredible.

When it comes to making your home look and feel incredible, we have everything you need. We offer luxury wallpaper, a huge range of paint, sumptuous fabric, interior design and styling advice, as well as a made to measure and re-upholstery service.

We genuinely feel that we have the finest painting and decorating team in Sheffield. We have painted and decorated hundreds of properties in Sheffield over the years. Each property lavished with great care, attention to detail and a real pride in the work we do. We call it 'the unrelenting pursuit of perfection'.

We understand that your home is your pride and joy, your castle, and that every single step must be taken to ensure that it's transformed into a place of exceptional beauty. Whether your home is a country manor, a city mansion, a small town house, or terraced property, the love you have for your home is just the same. Follow our new combined platforms to stay inspired and see what’s coming up in our world of beautiful interiors.

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