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Making an Entrance – First Impressions Count

Drew Décor Store answers your questions about decorating your entrance hallway.

This week we are turning again to Deborah Needleman’s gorgeous book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home, where she so eloquently points out that, “the idea is to get the hallway to act as the butler we don’t have- greeting us and our visitors graciously, whisking away our coats, bags and parcels and then offering those things when we need to go out again.” This is of course easier said than done as the hallway tends to become a hold all for all the stuff of life but she reminds us that, “decorating is about trying to bring our desires in line with our reality.”

Needleman’s tool kit contains the following:

· Hooks and hangers · A table (with a pencil draw for bits and bobs, keys, leashes etc.) or a dresser to hold more outdoor gear like gloves and scarves.  If you have a big entry room then nothing beats a big round table with a lantern above it. But if you have the small corridor type of entry a shelf with a mirror and a clip on light can look just a glamorous. · Some lights · A mirror · A chair or small bench  as somewhere to sit when putting on shoes · Bins, bowls and baskets – basically the more designated storage spots there are the more orderly the space. Trays are miracle workers for transforming random objects into tidy groups while big baskets hide more unsightly things. Tall vases for umbrellas and tin buckets for boots.

Top tip: Because hallways and entrances are transition spaces – in that no one spends a long time there - they can easily carry strong statement pieces, wallpaper patterns and moody colours so don’t be shy in setting the scene here!

At Drew Décor we love Cole and Son’s Leopard Walk, Cow Parsley and the brand new Seville Collection.

Want to find out more? Drop into Drew Décor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TR for a free design consultation and to see our great collection of top brand wallpapers, paints and window furnishings. And remember, first impressions count - you can be bold!

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11 sept. 2021

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