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Interior Design: Feeling Good Inside with Cosifications

Your guide to 'cosifications'. How to make your home more cosy, welcoming, warm, and enjoyable for everyone.

What is cosiness to you?

A warm drink? A good book? Good food in the oven? In interior design terms, it’s about feeling good inside. Cosifications are the things that add delight to a space, like rugs, throws, textiles, and patterns; things that give us that good warm feeling. In fact, without those items, the warm drink and the good food wouldn’t feel as good.

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Throws look best neatly folded or hanging over the arm of a sofa. But use them too. They are a great comfort and warm us in a way that cranking up the heating can’t do as they also bring with them the therapy of colour and texture. Throws create memories too - cuddled up with loved ones or pet. Or reminders of grandmothers and childhood.

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Similarly, cushions are not just decorations to be neatly arranged. They are cosifications too. Toss one on every chair you have. Cushions are an invitation to sit down or take a nap. Like throws, they are there to be used. The humble cushion has the huge ability to set the tone of a room, an ability that far outweighs its small size and stature. And a cushion needs to be soft. If your cushions are not super comfy then it’s time to replace them with ones that are. If your family or friends move your cushions when they want to cosy up then you know your cushions are not comfy enough!

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And finally

A little counterintuitively.... don't forget to add a bit of ugly! Yes, I can see your look of horror, but a little ugly fights the stilted, too perfect, show house look which is the enemy of all things cosy. So remember, add a little ugly.

Interior Design Sheffield

In January in the UK it’s a bit dark and on occasion it also suddenly turns into a cold white Narnia. Cosiness is the antidote. Cosiness is layers, comfortable arm chairs, soft cushions, flowers, books, and pictures that all come together to create a loved and lived-in home. I’ve been reading about cosiness with my warm drink, my throw and comfy chair. If your home needs some cosification please get in touch, we can help.

Top Tip

When mixing patterns the rule is to connect through colour and contrast through scale. For example if you have two different florals, they should share a colour or two but one should be a tiny pattern and the other a large bold one. You can keep mixing patterns as long as you have colour to hold them together.

Want to find out more?

Make an appointment with one of our designers to come into the store at 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8TR for a free discovery session, to see our great collection of top brand wallpapers, paints, fabrics and cosifications. We would love to show you all the ways we can help make your interior even more beautiful!

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