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How to choose wallpaper

If you have been shopping for wallpaper lately you will know that the choice can be a little overwhelming with so many styles available. Today’s article aims to help you narrow down the options in four manageable steps.

Step One

Think first about the category or categories you prefer: (ideally choose two categories for comparison)

Linework gentle  – soft and elegant – for example, Sanderson’s Elysian collection.

Linework quirky - wow factor with a bit of edge – for example Emma Shipley’s Wilderie, Cole and Son’s Ardmore or Jean Paul Gaultier’s Pop Rock Collection.

Geometric bold – stylish and refined – for example Cole and Son’s Contemporary Collection (Feather Fan)

Geometric soft – stylish and subtle – for example Cole and Son’s Icon collection (Petite Tile).

Textured soft - sensual and imaginative – for example Effinger’s Skins.

Textured metallic – Atmospheric and moody – for example Today Interior’s Shiraz Collection.

Painterly - light hearted, expressive, almost playful – for example Harlequin’s Zapara.

Classic – Stately and timeless while making a statement – for example Sanderson’s Woodlands Walk or Chiswick Grove.

Step Two

If patterned, then decide on the size of the pattern, large scale, small scale or something in between. There’s no wrong or right here, it’s personal taste.

Step Three

Now that you have narrowed your selection, choose your colour. When you are looking at colours, think about both the background colour and the accent colours within the paper. These will also give you great leads for choosing paint colours.

Step Four

Order your free A4 wallpaper samples from Drew Décor Store. Stick them on the wall and look at them in different lighting conditions and at different times of day and night.

And so, to summarise the steps:

1. Choose the type of pattern

2. Choose the scale or size of the pattern

3. Choose colour

4. Order your free A4 samples and live with them on your wall in different lighting conditions

Need some help?

Come and visit us at Drew Décor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield where you will be offered the finest customer service along with more than a little inspiration and specialist advice. We are operating in a COVID secure manner with only one household in the main showroom at a time, or if you are shielding, call us on 01142 169252 for advice by phone – we can post samples out to you. Discover our huge range of luxury wallpapers, curtains, blinds, upholstery and paints in all the latest trends right here on your doorstep in beautiful Sheffield.

Opening Times:

Monday 10am – 4pm

Tuesday 10am – 4pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 10am – 4pm

Friday 10am – 4pm

Saturday 9.30 – 2pm


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