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Fashion meets Interior Design.

There’s no need to travel to London to find fabrics and wallpapers that are at the cutting edge of design.  We’ve got it all here hot off the press in our Sheffield store. In this week’s blog  we look at Jean Paul Gaultier’s new wallpaper collection, Un Monde Parfait. It’s no surprise that this collection has an edgy and otherworldly feel to it. Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications it’s cinematic appeal sets the scene for your imagination to roam.  

The meeting of the fashion world with interior design is not new. Our favourite example of this is the 1964 Film, Umbrellas of Cherbourg (pictured below) starring a young Catherine Deneuve because this film uses colour and pattern to glorious effect. In every shot the chromatic of the clothes is matched with the décor of the locations. Bernard Evein, the production designer, would create colour palettes and sketches of wallpaper while director Jacques Demy would do costume tests against the decor. Demy asked costume designer Jacqueline Moreau to match many of the outfits to the set’s equally bright wallpaper for a saturated, ‘50s Technicolor feeling. It’s a super fun film to watch to see just how fabulous the blend of fashion and interior design can be.

Fast forward to 2020 and to Jean Paul Gaultie’rs new collection. At Drew Décor Store we love ‘Abyssal’ and ‘Corail’ for their deep sea effect, ‘Celebration’ as a distinctive romantic floral, and ‘Precieux’ for a sublimely beautiful texture.

Top tip:  Colour and pattern is a balancing act. When you are watching all your old tv favourites this summer, keep an eye out for how fashion and interior design work hand in hand on screen.

Want to find out more? Drop into Drew Décor Store 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8TR for a free design consultation and to see our great collection of top brand wallpapers, paints and window furnishings. And remember, haute couture can move effortlessly into your home or commercial interior with cinematic effect.

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