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Decorating During Lockdown – Making a Summer Room

Here is some uplifting interior advice from Glenda Strong who is a talented Artist and who sometimes works at Drew Decor Store.

So during the Corona-coaster you have decluttered your home, sorted the garden and everything is looking ship shape – or not. If you have spent a lot of time staring at your four walls at home you are probably pondering your décor; those walls and curtains that you have been meaning to address for some time now. The good news is Drew Décor Store is back and open for business. Rest assured we are following the social distancing and government guidelines. We have refreshed our store and shop window for the new summer trends and extended our product range to include curtains and blinds. So yes, we are summer ready!

We are very excited about Cole and Sons new Seville Collection which brings the outside in. Create a luscious indoor garden with orange blossom, angels trumpet, bougainvillea or Jasmine wallpapers or try one the new Zoffany embroidered linens. Then add some summery hues with our uniquely tinted  Zoffany and Sanderson paint palettes which combine effortlessly with our extensive wallpaper range.

The advantage of creating a summer room full of warm colours and and textures is that it can really lift your mood. The analogous colours (the colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, for example yellow, orange, red) create harmony. Combine harmonious colours with some light weight wicker chairs and your summer room is good to go. Need some help? Drop into store and we’d be happy to offer complimentary decorating advice to help you make the perfect choice. 

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