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Can I have wallpaper in my kitchen?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Personally, I think wallpaper is great for adding colour, texture and the latest trends to kitchens. Here at Drew Decor Store 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield we have a large selection of luxury wallpapers for you to chose from which includes Sanderson, Zoffany, Morris & Co, Harlequin, Anthology, Scion, Cole & Son, Anaglypta and Kandola.

If you are a lover of patterns, then the breadth of designs that is available on wallpapers is incomparable, and you will be able to view these designs by visiting Drew Decor Store, Sheffield. I have a feeling metallics are going to be popular this year and will look fantastic in your kitchen depending on your style.

I know some homeowners will be unsure about having wallpaper due to the humid atmosphere, grease and cooking smells but if you look for a wallpaper that has a vinyl finish that acts as a barrier against moisture - as these papers are strong and durable when applied correctly can last for years. Also remember to consider how washable a wallpaper is, just look for the symbols that signify how to clean each paper. Any that are "extra washable", "scrubbable" or "highly scrubbable" will be suitable for kitchens.'

Having wallpaper is cheaper than having tiles and one simple addition can make it even easier to clean too, that's a win all around!

The secret is to mount a layer of plexiglass to the wall between the upper and lower cabinets to protect the paper from water and oil. An advantage of the plexi approach is that you don't need the 4" splash-back you sometimes see in kitchens, where the counter-top material wraps onto the wall — it's a more elegant and minimal treatment. Or you could opt for a sort marble splash-back and a full-height panel of marble behind the hob (you can chose any material you like).

If you are thinking about having a new kitchen then have a look at as you will not be disappointed.

I look forward to seeing you at Drew Decor Store where you will be offered the finest customer service along with more than a little inspiration and extravagance along the way. Our hope is that you will be thrilled by the whole experience.

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