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Why use lining paper?

Reasons to use Lining Paper

Most people are unsure about when to use lining paper so we thought we’d talk about the reasons why lining paper should be used when you are wallpapering or painting a room.

There are two reasons I would use lining paper.

Reason 1

If we are installing wallpaper to walls or ceilings we would always cross line the walls or ceilings.

We always strip off any old wallpaper and take it right back to plaster then we prepare, fill and sand down the walls with dustless sanders to leave a smooth, clean finish for the lining paper to go onto.

This leaves a smooth, flat finish that is the perfect surface for the wallpaper to be installed onto.

Reason 2

We would also cross line the ceiling or walls if we was to paint the walls after stripping the walls.

So if you are looking for a smooth, flat, modern finish to your walls we would strip off all the old wallpaper, prepare, fill and sand the walls and cross line with lining paper.

This leaves a new plaster like finish to your walls where we can then apply the emulsion to your ceilings or walls.

Types of lining paper

There are different types of lining paper. The most common are Fibre liner and pulp.

There are lots of other specialist lining papers to over come problems such as damp and cool walls, sound proofing and energy saving.

Fibre liner

Wallrock Fibreliner is a no nonsense paper, strong, durable and easy to hang it is suitable for a whole variety of problematic walls. Cracked and damaged walls can be covered quickly and easily and because of its class leading strength it will help to reinforce your wall surface. This is the paper of choice for many professional and DIY decorators as it is quick and easy to hang.

Developed with the best modern materials and technology to enable old and tired walls to be smooth once more.

All the Wallrock fibre liner range can be purchased at the Drew Decor Store.

Pulp lining paper

Available in grades 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1700 and 2000, lining papers produce the perfect base for decorating with other wall coverings, emulsion painting and some paint effects. There is a grade suitable for all decorating applications.

Provides a degree of surface reinforcement, covers small cracks and defects whilst preparing surfaces for paint or decorative wallpaper. Recommended adhesive; Good quality ready mixed. Pattern Repeat, free match.

All the lining paper grades can be purchased at the Drew Decor Store.

What else will I benefit from lining paper


Every layer you add to your walls will give your home an extra layer of insulation. Keeping your home warmer and saving energy.

If you want to save more energy or have problem cool walls you can use wallrock thermal liner.

Wallrock Thermal Liner is the most popular member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range.

It has been listed by the Energy Saving Trust because of it thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. Being 3mm in thickness it offers worthwhile energy savings, for example 15% on typical solid brick external walls (see BBA certificate).

All Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpapers work to save energy from the moment the heating is turned on, by slowing down the rate at which a cold walls soak up heat energy - and allowing the room to warm up considerably faster, in some cases more than halving warm up times, creating a comfortable room environment with less energy.

This effect is valuable in any home with solid walls and even those with external or cavity insulation - especially where the heating is regularly turned on and off. Once the room is warmed up and comfortable, Wallrock Thermal Liner goes on working, producing steady energy savings.


The extra layer of lining paper will give your wallpaper extra durability.

So you can purchase all lining papers at the Drew Decor Store for your DIY tasks.

If in doubt we can advice you on the correct lining paper to use for your project.

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