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Why should you support local businesses

Small and independent businesses are at the heart of our communities and its now more important than ever for the community to get behind us and show your support.

Here are some of the reasons why you should shop with your local businesses instead of the larger chain stores.

The local economy

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy, the epitome of the UK high street and often large tourist attractions. But what you may not know is that shopping at a local business, rather than a large chain or faceless superstore, is actually better for the economy of your community. To ensure a strong and sustainable local economy foundation people need to buy locally. Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop means up to an additional £50 goes back into the local economy. This is simply because the nearby shop owners, who you are spending your money with, will then put that money back into your local community by going into local pubs and restaurants etc, thus circulating the money and allowing your community to thrive.

Online isn’t always best

For many of us, we believe that the best deals can only be found online. Through TV adverts, radio adverts and online adverts we are constantly shown great deals that seem too good to be true, and often this is sadly the case. However, you might be surprised to see just how competitive the prices are in your local shops and businesses. If if you shop around you will soon find out that this isn’t the case. Independent companies can actually provide the same types of deals, if not better. Find out what your local area can offer you first, before checking online.

Customer service and shopping experience

Shopping at the local high street is also a much more rewarding and satisfying experience for customer compared to trawling through massive superstores confused about where everything is.  Your high street is usually only a few minutes away so a quick walk down to the shops is a lot more stress free than driving round and round a multi-story car park trying to find a parking space.  Shopping local also provides a much more independent shopping experience. Local business owners will provide a much better quality of service because they are passionate and they really do care about their customer’s satisfaction. Local shop owners are much more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their customers.

Originality and individuality

Independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities. They can be a real breath of fresh air into an area populated by generic stores and companies.

If things go wrong

It’s important to know that if anything was to go wrong you have a local company to go to, someone to talk face to face with. Large commercial companies will often provide you with a phone number for their customer service team, which is often not in the UK, and make you wait for what seems like an eternity until you get to speak to someone. This simply is not the case with a local business. They will often prefer to meet up face to face, rather than on the phone, and find out exactly how they can help fix the problem.

I hope some of the reasons above have encouraged you to next shop at your local high street rather than at a large chain store or online, I understand that some products may not be available locally, but where they are I encourage you take a stroll down to your local High Street as you maybe pleasantly surprised at what you will find.

Here at Drew Decor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield I have found it refreshing to hear the positive feedback I have received from my customers, as they have been pleased with quality wallpaper and paints I have to offer along with excellent customer service. They are also really happy that another local business has recently opened in the area, and believe that it contributes to the whole community which I totally agree with.

This blog is written by Suzanne Drew owner of the Drew Decor Store.

You can find out all the information and opening times at

The shop is located at 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Visit today and see the colours and textures for real!

We are your goto wallpaper shop in Sheffield and we are your goto paint shop in Sheffield.

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