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Top 5 Tips when Choosing a Decorator

Choosing a decorator is not an easy task. You need to feel comfortable with the decorator and have a sense of trust with him instantly.

If you are getting 2-3 quotes the cheapest is not always the right option. The decorator with the higher price may be pricing up your project with a longer preparation process, and more superior products, leaving you with a longer lasting job. This may be a higher price but would last a lot longer than the cheapest, giving you a more cost effective job. Always ask what products he will be using, how many coats of paint are required and roughly how long will the job take?

1. Is the decorator arriving in the appropriate vehicle i.e. a van? It may be a warning sign if he turns up to quote/visit you in a car with his tools thrown in the back. If he arrives in a tidy van this may reflect on his standard of workmanship.

2. Is the decorator punctual and presentable? The decorator should be on time, if running late a courtesy call would be expected. He should be well mannered and you should have a sense of trust with him, remember you may be leaving this decorator on his own in your home. If the tradesman is turning up in a suit and a clipboard he will be probably passing the work onto somebody else. Arriving in a decorators attire will indicate that he is true a tradesman.

3. The decorator should know exactly what you want in seconds. Scanning the room asking you questions on what look you are wanting. If for example you have 2-3 quotes and one of the decorators picks up on lets say water damage on the ceiling or another problem and the other decorators don’t pick up on this fact, then his knowledge and professionalism is more superior than the others. He should be advising you on which types of paint systems and wallpapers would be appropriate for your project.

4. Does the decorator have a website/facebook page? This will give you a really good idea of his standards and should also have past customer comments for you to read. Also it is a good idea to ask for a past customers phone number and address so you can speak to a customer direct.

5. Is he apart of an association? To be apart of the Painting and Decorating Association is a good indicator that he is approved as a skilled craftsman as they have a strict code of conduct.


So arriving on time to visit/quote you in the appropriate vehicle and offering you with advice and knowledge with recommendations to back it up is the key thing to look out for. Check out his website and Facebook page for pictures and comments. Ask him if he is apart of an association? So trust your judgment backed up with the above and you will choose the right decorator for the job to make your home a dream home.

And finally.....

Drew Decor are a proud member of Which? Trusted Traders and the Painting and Decorating Association and have been Painting and Decorating Sheffield homes for a good number of years with an excellent reputation.

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