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Sanding Without Dust

At Drew Decor we have been using dustless sanders for a few years now and are excited to say we have purchased the latest device in dustless sanding, The Mirka LEROS. This is our expert review of the latest highly anticipated dustless sanding device, the Mirka LEROS.

Mirka LEROS is the lightest sander in its class. The first wall sander with a 180° flexible sanding head, an orbit movement and dual suction points. When we first unpacked the Mirka LEROS we were concerned about the weight. It is a little heavier than expected but when in operation it seems lighter. This may be due to the suction it has. When sanding ceilings and walls it effortlessly glides across the surface with total smoothness.

It effortlessly glides across the surface with total smoothness

The Mirka LEROS is the lightest and most advanced wall and ceiling sander. This unique brushless sander features innovative solutions,  including a sanding head with 180° flexibility and a 5mm random orbital movement, making it extremely user friendly.

The sander is more flexible than we first thought. The sander head has fantastic movement. We tested this in a medium sized kitchen and from floor level we could reach above the kitchen units on the ceiling and wall area, making the preparation process quick, easy and effortless. The flexible and practical design gives unmatched advantages, such as ergonomic working positions and less strain on the operator's body and back. At less than 3.5 kg, the operator can sand for longer periods without fatigue.

With Mirka LEROS, the operator can work very close to corners thanks to the sanding head and backing pad design. Due to the random orbital movement, Mirka LEROSresponds precisely to the operator's movements making the sanding process easy. In addition, it also creates a smoother better finish. We have put the Mirka LEROS to the test. Just look how it tackles this over filled area. Awesome bit of kit.

We found the Mirka LEROS less aggressive than the Mirka DEROS. This may be down to the Mirka DEROS been hand held and a much harder backing pad. The Mirka LEROShas a softer backing pad. We think of the Mirka DEROS as the more aggressive younger brother to the bigger more polite brother Mirka LEROS. You can read more about the Mirka DEROS and the positive effects dustless sanding has for your business HERE.

We think of the Mirka DEROS as the more aggressive younger brother to the bigger more polite brother, the Mirka LEROS

Combine Mirka LEROS with Mirka's dust-free net abrasives and a suitable dust extraction system to create a cleaner and healthier working environment.  Not only does it speed up the sanding process, it also saves you on time and money.

The advantages over its main competition, the Festool PLANEX, is that the Mirka LEROSis lighter, more flexible and has a dual suction points rather than the single suction on the Festool PLANEX. We also like the Mirka LEROS handy T - shaped handle for better grip and control. So this is why we have given the Mirka LEROS five out of five stars.

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