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Lost in the woods

Today we are taking a look at on of Cole and Sons classic wallpapers, Woods.

A popular design that we have installed in many homes across Sheffield.

Taken from the iconic 1959 screen print, Woods has become a firm Cole & Son favourite with its calming print in a variety of palettes.

The elegant silver birch design is refined in uncomplicated tones of Black on White as well as the understatedly elegant hues of Linen on Cream, White on Old Olive, and White on Lilac Grey.

It really does add tranquillity to a room whether its a lounge, bedroom or hall, stairs and landing.

Here are a few examples of this iconic wallpaper.

I really like this colourway. This lounge we decorated in Sheffield makes the room look so peaceful. A great place to kick back and relax. Just the one wall was covered with the Cole and Son Woods wallpaper. The customer spent time at the Drew Decor Store choosing this design and colourway with help from Suzanne, the owner of the store.

The rest of the walls are covered in a lightly textured wallpaper also from the store. Just by picking one wall out with this design makes it a space where you just want to be.

This entrance hall is so inviting. Making you want to investigate and climb the swirling staircase.

Again this Cole and Son woods wallpaper was purchased from the Drew Decor Store. The mint colour adds freshness to the space. This is another decorating project we completed in Sheffield in the Eccelsall area.

Lets continue up the stairs...

The last example is a much deeper colour way that we completed in Moorgate, Rotherham. This was decorated a few years ago so this wallpaper design really does stand the test of time.

So if you are inspired by the Cole and Son woods wallpaper or would like to see more similar designs head to the Drew Decor Store wallpaper and paint store in Sheffield.

We are here to help you with inspiration and advice.

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