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Interior Design Advice in Sheffield

How Interior Design Advice can help to accomplish your vision efficiently.

Are you trying to start decorating your new home or redecorate your existing property and decided to put your creative hat on? How long have you been searching for that perfect wallpaper or fabric for curtains/blinds/reupholstery? How much time have you dedicated to shopping trips and browsing the internet?

If you spend ages finding the interior look that will make you comfortable, or perhaps planning to update your home but don't know where to start, it is time to book Interior Design Consultation.

In this article, we highlight some of the reasons why it would be beneficial to book an Interior Design Consultation. Here are some of the main points included below.

Top benefits of booking one hour of free Interior Design Consultation

Did you know that at Drew Decor, we offer a free 1 hour Interior Design Advice appointment in-store? This is your time to speak with one of our interior stylists about the interior look you are trying to achieve and what you like & dislike so that we can save you time in having to trawl through the internet, shops and hundreds of books trying to find what you're looking for before losing the will to live!

Choose Drew Decor Interior Design Advice to solve your decorating dilemmas in a single appointment.

Expertise and a Trained Eye

While many people struggle with paint colours, we can help solve this issue during a one-hour appointment. Thanks to our expertise, we can interpret your ideas into a visual outcome by giving you advice on what colours will work best with your chosen wallpaper/fabric. In our store, we have paint boards, which give you a better idea of each colour, allowing you to feel more confident before purchasing a sample pot.

Save Time

Because we love what we do and know all our collections in detail, we can identify those we know you may like, making it a more enjoyable experience. We will save you time as we will spend time showing you the collections that suit your requirements, and if you like them, we will be able to post your samples free of charge.

Save Money

Whether it will get you a chair reupholstered, you love one minute but hate the next after that or ordering pots of paint just to get it done only to see, later on, it is just not the right colour. We often advise investing a small amount of money in an interior mood board. We believe it will protect you from rushing into potential unwise choices and help you save money on the first try.

Get Perfect Solutions

With our expertise in each area, we can furnish everything from lighting and fabrics to carpeting, furnishing and accessories to complete the vision you're imagining.


Free 60-minute Interior Design Advice in Sheffield

Take advantage of one hour of free Drew Decor Interior Design Consultation in Sheffield by booking a free session.

You will enjoy the end result, which will make you love your home even more.

Let our passion for interiors help you bring your ideas to life.

Contact us today to schedule your 60-minute interior design consultation and let the transformation begin.

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