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How to Paint Over Water Stains

If you are unfortunate to have had a water leak from a leaking radiator or a leak from the shower tray, you might have discovered a water stain mark on the ceiling or wall beneath.

Painting over the water stain direct wont solve the problem. The water stain will just bleed back through the paint. Here is the process to get rid of that water stain on your ceiling or wall for good.

1. Make sure the water leak has been fixed whether it’s a leaking shower tray or a leak from the roof tiles.

2. Make sure the surface that is damaged has fully dried out.

3. Scrape off any loose and flaking paint then sand down.

4. Remove all organic growth with a mould killer and allow to dry in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. We use Zinsser Mould Killer. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, allow to dry.

5. Fill any cracks or blemishes with the correct filler. Once dry, sand down.

6. Spot prime any bare areas and filled areas with Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer. Allow to dry.

7. Prime all areas to be decorated with one full coat of Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer. Allow to dry.

8. Apply two to three coats of a good quality emulsion paint to surface allowing drying time between each coat.

And finally.....

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