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Hiring a tradesman

It can be daunting hiring a tradesman especially if you haven’t used one before.

Here is a guide for hiring the right team to undertake your repair work on your home.

Word of mouth

Regarded as the best way to find a trusted trader the old fashioned word of mouth is still the go-to way to find a tradesman/woman. On your quest to find the right tradesman/women, asking your family should be your first port of call.

But be aware, if you ask a friend or neighbour be sure to have a look at the standard of work. Their standards might not be as high as yours.

Approved websites

A real good place to look is the Which? Trusted Traders website. Here the companies are all checked, visited personally by a Which? Trusted Trader assessor and have to adhere to the high standards and code of conduct that Which? Trusted Traders set.

Here you can also visit their profile and read their customer comments.


You may have seen the company advertise on social media or in a local magazine. If you have seen the advert featured in a magazine for more than a few months this is a good sign.

All of the above

If you come across a company that has been endorsed by an approved website and has been recommended by family/friends too this is perfect sign that the company is trusted.

If you have identified the company to have been seen in more than one of these points above it’s a real good sign that they are trustworthy.

What to expect

Expect the highest standards.

Once you have contacted the business either through email or phone a visit should be arranged for a quotation.

Time keeping is crucial. The tradesman/woman's job is to be on time or in the worst case scenario call if delayed.

Things to look out for

Do they take their shoes off? Are they house trained?

Polite and knowledgeable of their work.

It’s their job to offer advice and direction if you are unsure on anything.

Do they provide information on their company?

Do they have a professional looking van with their company logo?

Once the visit is over you will probably have a gut feeling on them.

You should receive a written quotation within two to five days either through the post or on an email with all the relevant information.

A text on a phone or a quote on site could ring alarm bells.

It’s worth getting at least a couple of quotes. Prices may vary but be aware the lowest price might not be the best to go with, if so, questions to ask yourself, are they using quality materials and taking the correct amount of time to carry out the requested job or are they cutting corners.

Accepting the quote

Once you are happy with a quote and tradesman/woman contact them to confirm the quote and set a date.

Quality check

Once the project has been complete check the quality. Ensure you are satisfied the work has been carried out properly before you pay.

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