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Dustless Sanding

The number one problem in Painting and Decorating Sheffield (or anywhere the country for that matter) is DUST. Dust is inevitable no matter how clean and tidy you are in the work space. All Painting and Decorating projects consists of careful preparation, which means sanding down, filling and re-sanding down, Lots of sanding down.

This obviously leads to dust in the working environment that settles on all surfaces. This is bad in so many ways.

1. Our Health

2. Your Health

3. The Finish Product

Dust not only in the room that we are decorating but other rooms in the house. So how do we reduce or completely stop all dust from sanding and preparation?

Answer: The Mirka Deros Dustless Sander.

We have researched all sanders on the current market and the best we believe is the Mirka Deros. What is the Mirka Deros. The Mirka Deros is a Dustless sanding device. The sander is attached to a vacuum that has excellent dust collection control. When you sand down the surface whether it’s the ceiling, walls or wood work it sucks every speck of dust as it sands along the way.

Together used with the Abranet sanding pads we achieve a flawless finish.

Abranet sanding pads are a mesh rather than the traditional sand paper, the mesh has thousands of openings which the dust is sucked through leaving you with a dust free surface and a dust free work place for us to apply the perfect paint finish.

Richard Drew at Drew Decor, High Quality Painters and Decorators in Sheffield says "We have decorated hundreds of homes in Sheffield ranging from Victorian to ultra modern. The Victorian houses in Sheffield that we decorate are probably the ones that need the most attention and preparation due to the age of the plaster and repair work though out the years. We use different types of fillers for different types of hole depending on the size and depth. This obviously creates lots of sanding down which kicks dust in to the working environment and a long clean up process. Since we have been using the Mirka Deros dustless sander we have noticed a quicker preparation time, quicker clean up time with virtually no dust and a quicker job turnover with a perfect paint finish. So its top marks from us".

And finally.....

Drew Decor are a proud member of Which? Trusted Traders and the Painting and Decorating Association and have been Painting and Decorating Sheffield homes for a good number of years with an excellent reputation.

You can see our customer reviews HERE.

If you would like a proper Painting and Decorating team to decorate your home in Sheffield, please get in touch today. GET A QUOTE.

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