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Discover the Beauty and History of the Chinese Room in Claydon House

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Room in Claydon House, Buckinghamshire? It is one of the most exquisite surviving examples of Chinoiserie in Britain, with a fascinating history dating back to the 18th century. Let's delve into the interesting story behind this room and discover how you can bring its charm into your home with the Little Greene paint colour Tea with Florence 310.

Travel and International Trade Inspire an Obsession with Asia

In the 18th century, travel and international trade brought new products and ideas to Europe, including a fascination with Asia. People were enchanted by the exotic styles, colours, and patterns of Asian design, and this influence could be seen in fashion, furniture, and interior decoration. The Verney family, who owned Claydon House for generations, were among the many British aristocrats who embraced this trend.

The Chinese Room - A Private Sitting Room for Tea Drinking

The Chinese Room was one of the Verney family's favourite spaces in the house, and it was used as a private sitting room for tea drinking with guests. The room is adorned with stunning Chinoiserie wallpaper, depicting scenes of Asian life, and the furniture is of Oriental design, including lacquered screens, bamboo chairs, and carved tables. The room's ambiance was perfect for relaxing and enjoying the newly popular ritual of drinking tea, which was seen as a symbol of sophistication and refinement.

Florence Nightingale - A Regular Visitor at Claydon House

The Verney family's social circle included many influential people of the time, and one of their regular visitors was Florence Nightingale. She often visited Claydon House and enjoyed taking tea in the Chinese Room. Florence Nightingale was Lady Verney's sister, and she spent significant time at the house, where she worked on her important research in nursing and hygiene. It is fascinating to think that the Chinese Room, with its calming and serene atmosphere, may have inspired Nightingale's work in some way.

Little Greene Paint Color - Tea with Florence 310

If you are looking to bring some of the charm of the Chinese Room into your home, Little Greene has a paint colour named Tea with Florence 310. This colour is a subtle blend of green and grey, evoking the tranquillity of the Chinese Room's decor. It is an excellent choice for creating a calm and elegant ambiance in any room of your home.

Colour Combinations to Match the Chinese Room's Style

If you are looking for colour combinations to match the Chinese Room's style, Little Greene has several options that work well. Harley Green is a fresh green that pairs well with the Tea with Florence 310. Stone-Mid-Cool is a beautiful neutral shade that complements the Chinese Room's muted tones. French Grey - Dark and French Grey - Mid are both excellent choices for creating a sophisticated look that complements the Chinoiserie wallpaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I buy the Tea with Florence 310 paint colour online?

Yes, you can buy the Tea with Florence 310 paint colour on the Little Greene website below.

2. How can I incorporate the Chinoiserie style into my home decor?

You can incorporate the Chinoiserie style into your home decor by using wallpapers, fabrics, and furniture that feature Asian-inspired designs, colours, and patterns. You can also add decorative elements, such as vases, screens, and lamps, that evoke the Oriental style.

National Trust & Little Greene Paint Colours

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In Conclusion

The Chinese Room in Claydon House is a beautiful example of Chinoiserie that has captivated visitors for centuries. Its history is rich and inspiring, and it is fascinating to think about the influential people who have enjoyed tea in this

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