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A National Trust Paint Colour Inspired By Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Story Behind Ambleside 304

If you are a fan of Beatrix Potter's books, then you must be familiar with the picturesque Hill Top Farm, located in Ambleside. This farm served as a source of inspiration for many of Beatrix Potter's stories, and it has now inspired a paint colour from the National Trust Collection - Ambleside. This attractive dark green paint with a muted blue undertone has an interesting history behind it. Let's dive deeper into the story of how Ambleside came to be.

Hill Top Farm - Beatrix Potter's Home Away from London

In 1905, Beatrix Potter, the legendary children's writer, bought Hill Top Farm in Ambleside as a home away from London. The farm was a 17th-century building that needed extensive repairs and renovations. Beatrix oversaw the work and managed to create a charming and cosy retreat for herself.

Fitting and Furnishing with Local Sales

Beatrix Potter was known for her frugal nature, and she fitted and furnished Hill Top Farm with many bargains from local sales. She had a keen eye for antiques and collected items that complemented her eclectic style.

Beatrix's Eclectic Style

Beatrix's eclectic style was reflected in the way she decorated Hill Top Farm. She mixed different styles and periods, creating a unique and charming look. Her love for nature was evident in the way she decorated the rooms, with floral prints and botanical motifs.

William Morris-Designed Daisy-Motif Wallpaper in Beatrix's Bedroom

One of the most striking features of Hill Top Farm was the William Morris-designed daisy-motif wallpaper in Beatrix's bedroom. The wallpaper was a beautiful combination of green and blue hues, which complemented the view from the window perfectly.

Ambleside - A National Trust Paint Colour

The National Trust Collection offers a range of paint colours inspired by historic places and properties. Ambleside is one of the colours in the collection, and it was inspired by Hill Top Farm in Ambleside.

Learn more about the

How the Colour Was Inspired by Hill Top Farm

The muted blue undertone of Ambleside was inspired by the view from Beatrix's bedroom window, which overlooked the surrounding hills and valleys. The dark green colour was chosen to complement the William Morris-designed daisy-motif wallpaper in her bedroom.

Description of Ambleside Paint Colour

Ambleside is a rich and elegant dark green paint colour with a muted blue undertone. It is a versatile colour that can be used in different interior design styles, from traditional to modern.

Use of Ambleside in Interior Design

Ambleside can be used in different ways in interior design. It can be used as an accent colour, to create a feature wall, or to paint furniture. It works well with other colours, such as soft pinks, greys, and off-whites.

How to Incorporate Ambleside in Your Home

If you are considering using Ambleside in your home, here are some tips for choosing the right complementary colours:

  • Pair Ambleside with soft pink and off-white for a calming and sophisticated look.

  • Combine Ambleside with dark grey and black for a dramatic and moody effect.

  • Use Ambleside as an accent colour in a neutral colour scheme to add interest and depth.

When using Ambleside as a feature wall or painting furniture, make sure to balance it with lighter colours and natural textures, such as wood or rattan.

Where to Buy Ambleside Paint

If you're interested in incorporating Ambleside paint into your home, you can purchase it directly from the National Trust Collection's stockists. One option is Little Greene, a UK-based paint and wallpaper company that offers a wide range of National Trust Collection colours, including Ambleside. To purchase Ambleside paint or to find a stockist near you, visit the Little Greene website at:

By purchasing Ambleside paint, you can not only add a touch of history and elegance to your home, but also support the National Trust's efforts to preserve and protect the UK's natural and cultural heritage.


1. Is Ambleside suitable for all rooms?

Yes, Ambleside is a versatile colour that can be used in different rooms, depending on the desired effect.

2. Is Ambleside a popular colour?

Yes, Ambleside is a popular colour in the National Trust Collection, thanks to its unique and elegant hue.

3. Can I use Ambleside in a modern interior design scheme?

Yes, Ambleside can be used in a modern interior design scheme, especially when combined with other modern elements, such as geometric shapes and metallic accents.

4. What type of furniture works best with Ambleside?

Natural materials, such as wood, rattan, and linen, work best with Ambleside, creating a harmonious and calming effect.

5. What is the history of the National Trust Collection?

The National Trust Collection offers a range of paint colours inspired by historic places and properties owned by the National Trust, a UK-based conservation charity. The collection aims to celebrate and preserve the heritage and beauty of these places through colour.

National Trust & Little Greene Paint Colours

If you're interested in learning more about the National Trust and Little Greene paint colours, you've come to the right place. By following the link provided, you can discover a wealth of information about the National Trust's conservation work, as well as the exquisite range of paint colours offered by Little Greene. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a home renovation project or simply want to learn more about the rich history and heritage of the National Trust, this link has everything you need to get started. So why wait? Click now to explore the world of the National Trust and Little Greene paint colours.


Ambleside is more than just a paint colour - it is a tribute to the creativity and ingenuity of Beatrix Potter. This National Trust Collection colour reflects the natural beauty of Hill Top Farm in Ambleside and the eclectic style of its owner. Incorporating Ambleside into your home décor can add a touch of history, elegance, and personality.

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