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Did you know that wallpaper isn’t just for walls?

Drew Decor Store answers your questions about exciting new ways to use iconic prints.

Look up – we often don’t. The ceiling is the great unconscious of interior design says Glenda Strong because it is often overlooked as a significant design feature, mainly as it is not often in our direct line of sight. Yet a deliberate approach to ceilings can have fantastic impact. By papering a ceiling you are literally wrapping the room into a cohesive whole. Check out these dreamy designs from Cole and Son’s Fornasetti Collection.

Here the pattern dissolves away corners of the room and creates a complete sanctuary in which to immerse yourself.

Alternatively a soft texture or strong geometric pattern can lift the tone of a room giving it simple yet striking elegance. Here Arte’s wall covering is combined with some strip lighting to lift the ceiling off the walls and recreate some 1920s glamour.

Notice also how the floor covering pattern mirrors the ceiling pattern by using similar colours, patterns or textures, again this completes the look.

Here are a few more inspirational pictures for your ceiling.

Top tip: wallpapering the ceiling is a tricky job so definitely use an expert decorator for this.

Want to find out more? Drop into Drew Décor Store for a complementary design consultation and to see our great collection of top brand wallpapers, paints and window furnishings. And remember, wallpaper isn’t just for walls.

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