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Detail in the design

I was looking forward to returning to this property as we had decorated it six years ago.

Back in 2014 we was tasked to paint the full apartment in white. White ceilings, white walls and white wood work. Not the most interesting job but it looked clean and minimalistic.

I was so surprised on how well the decor had lasted. The ceilings and walls looked fresh and although the wood work had yellowed it was very smooth and no cracks had appeared. It just shows you that preparation is king. As always we worked hard on the preparation, sanding, filling and priming before the finished coats of paints was applied.

Fast forward six years and the customer had decided that this would now be his home and was looking to add dramatic colour to the odd feature wall in different rooms.

My client had already chosen a wallpaper and had a few ideas. I really got on with him and kind of knew his character and personality from the previous time we worked for him so I kind of knew what he was aiming for. The wallpaper he had picked just wasn’t the one for me. The pattern, style and quality wasn’t there.

This is where I thought I would advice and guide him to something a little bit special.

That evening I worked hard to find the wallpaper designs along with my Wife, Suzanne of the Drew Decor Store. We instantly focused on the Cole and Son collections as this would definitely suit his personality and style.

Dark, bold colours and interesting designs along with quality and detail.

Suzanne ordered one meter wallpaper samples from the Drew Decor Store for free to get the designs over to him in different colourways so he could pin them up and check them out.

He was absolutely blown away with the quality of the wallpaper and detail that had gone into the designs. It didn’t take long for him to nail down what he wanted and where.

So the date was set to transform his blank walls and add some colour and fun to his walls.

Once we had prepared the wood work and applied two coats of satinwood we moved onto the wallpapering…

The Bedroom

Cole and Son Macchine Volanti

Filled with characterful New World charm, the wondrous fabled ‘flying machines’ of Macchine Volanti evoke childhood fantasy and adventure. You can explore the outer limits of your imagination by getting lost in the enveloping skyscape filled with man, machine and ethereal creatures.

Art work in its own right, you cant help but to stand and stare.

Click here to buy Cole & Son Macchine Volanti this is a 2x roll pack

The Toilet

Cole and Son Acquario

One of my favourite colourways in this awesome design.

Fish appear as motifs in some of Piero Fornasetti’s earliest work – such as luxurious silk scarves, trays and decorative porcelain – having been fascinated by the dichotomy of marine life’s simple aspect hiding a fascinating, mysterious nature within the depths of the ‘aquarium’. The whimsical composition and scale of Acquario creates a unique and striking wallcovering.

The colours on this wallcovering just pop and is perfect for a toilet or bathroom decor.

Just try and keep the cats away from this one.

Click here to buy Cole & Son Acquario

The living room

Cole and Son Nuvolette

A little bit more peaceful in the living room, a calm space to relax. And what better way to relax. Can you remember when you would lay back on the fields and gaze at the clouds with no worries what so ever when you was younger?

This wallpaper will do the trick and will bring all that back.

Nuvolette, is one of the most enduring Fornasetti designs. The sky was long a recurring vision for Fornasetti and these ‘little clouds’ are delicately detailed etchings depicting tempestuous, rolling skies.

Click here to buy Cole & Son Nuvolette

The kitchen

Cole and Son Cocktails

The kitchen area more like a 1920s bar now, was transformed with, again, a quality wallpaper with beautiful detail.

Adding character and interest to the walls. What is your poison?

Derived from an ice bucket design entitled ‘Oggetti Cocktail’ created by Piero Fornasetti in the 1950s, Cocktails showcases the maestro’s fascination with repeated studies of the same subject in order to create multiple variations upon the same theme. Its stylised mid-century graphic bottles and glassware were created in a vibrant Multi colour palette, true to the original sketches, which is complemented by a softer Pastel palette and the monochromatic Soot and Snow.

Click here to buy Cole & Son Cocktails

Now we have added these amazing wallpapers to select walls in the apartment the customer now wants us to add more of the clouds to the rest of the lounge area and possibly the ceiling. How cool will that look!

Also the hall, stairs and landing which we are working on right now to find the perfect design.

It wasn’t till it was all complete that I would let the customer take a look at the work. He was blown away and it was so much better than he could ever of thought.

Infact when I returned home and had my tea the customer messaged me to say he was still walking from room to room amazed by the transformation and soaking up the detail like he was strolling around an art gallery.

All these magnificent wallpapers and more are available at the Drew Decor Store.

Along with Suzannes advice and guidance.

We really enjoyed this painting and decorating project. On to the next one.

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