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Bomb proof your walls

To line walls or not to line.

That is the question.

This is a more in depth look at why and how we would line your walls in the decoration process and how this can protect you and save you money.

1. My walls old and flakey.

2. My walls need stripping of wallpaper and emulsioning.

3. My walls need wallpapering.

4. My walls have a damp problem.

5. My room/house is cold.

6. My walls need fire proofing.

1. My walls old and flakey

You can transform your old, cracked and crumbley walls with lining paper. If you have problematic walls or ceilings for that matter we recommend to use Wallrock Fibreliner.

Wallrock Fiber liner is a no nonsense paper, strong, durable and easy to hang it is suitable for a whole variety of problematic walls.

Cracked and damaged walls can be covered quickly and easily and because of its class leading strength it will help to reinforce your wall surface. This is the paper of choice for many professional and DIY decorators as it is quick and easy to hang.

Developed with the best modern materials and technology to enable old and tired walls to be smooth once more.

Wallrock Fibreliner 150 has a 'natural' uncoated finish.

Heavier grades are available in either the Wallrock Fibreliner Plus 180 or Wallrock Premium 200.

2. My walls need stripping of wallpaper and emulsioning.

This is common practice here at Drew Decor painters and decorators in Sheffield.

With all the old and beautiful houses we decorate, many of them have problematic walls. Some of our customers want their wallpaper stripped off and painted to create a newly plastered look.

To do this we strip the old wallpaper off, prepare by filling and sanding then cross lining.

Cross lining is where we hang the lining paper horizontally.

This leaves a smooth newly plastered look finish for us to apply our paint to.

3. My walls need wallpapering.

When we hang wallpaper we always recommend appling lining paper. This creates a smooth, even finish to hang the wallcovering.

Again we would cross line the walls with wallrock fibre liner.

4. My walls have a damp problem.

Are you suffering from persistent, nuisance, penetrating damp that wont go away? Well here is your saviour.

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic is a completely new, technically superior, zero paper content, zero tar content product to our original Wallrock Dampstop, available at a very competitve price.

Rather than using paper based material, Wallrock Dampstop Thermic utilises a very tough, strong, rot proof and salt resistant polypropylene backing that will give a long service life even in very challenging conditions, bonded to a water resistant composite metallic barrier.

Each roll covers 5 square meters and is supplied in extra wide widths of 675mm to make containment of damp problems easier.

The rot proof backing can be applied directly to the wall with our Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive, effectively blocking off the appearance of unsightly penetrating damp and staining. The metallic surface can then be covered with paint, one of our thermally efficient wallcoverings, paste the wall lining papers or decorative paper - we strongly recommend that Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive is used for further decoration for the best results.

So, why Dampstop Thermic?

Not only does it stop the unsightly damp and associated stains, if the composite, thermic, metallic surface is left exposed, it will also greatly enhance the reflection of heat into the room - making the product especially useful in improving energy efficiency in the home when used behind radiators and appliances.

Once the dampstop has been installed we recommend cross lining with wallrock fibre liner over the top before painting or hanging wallpaper.

5. My room/house is cold.

If you suffer from cold walls and heat loss and you would like your room to warm up quicker and retain the heat more, well wallrock thermal liner is your go to lining paper.

Wallrock Thermal Liner is the most popular member of the Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpaper range. It has been listed by the Energy Saving Trust because of it thermal efficiency and energy saving properties. Being 3mm in thickness it offers worthwhile energy savings, for example 15% on typical solid brick external walls (see BBA certificate). All Wallrock Thermally Efficient Wallpapers work to save energy from the moment the heating is turned on, by slowing down the rate at which a cold walls soak up heat energy - and allowing the room to warm up considerably faster, in some cases more than halving warm up times, creating a comfortable room environment with less energy.

This effect is valuable in any home with solid walls and even those with external or cavity insulation - especially where the heating is regularly turned on and off. Once the room is warmed up and comfortable, Wallrock Thermal Liner goes on working, producing steady energy savings.

Furthermore Wallrock Thermal Liner has excellent capability to cover and reinforce poor plaster and other surfaces such as plasterboard, blockwork and wood panelling.

Wallrock Thermal Liner also helps reduce condensation problems and in many cases eliminates them - as more room warmth is retained at the wall surface at an earlier stage in the warm up phase there is far less opportunity for condensation to form on a cold wall and consequently a reduced risk of unhealthy mould growth.

The surface of Wallrock Thermal Liner is longlasting, durable and suitable for painting directly, although for a perfect finish we recommend cross lining with Wallrock FibreLiner Original, Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth or Wallrock Fireliner (avoid the use of standard linings) which allows not only painting but also the application of decorative wallpaper.

6. My walls need fire proofing.

Do you want the ultimate fire resistance lining paper that will also help protect vulnerable surfaces?

Wallrock Fireliner is the ultimate fire resistant lining paper that will also help protect vulnerable surfaces from fire.

Wallrock Fireliner is a 'Class Zero' fire rated liner (tested to BS476) that also contains fire retardant so that fire risk is further limited even when the paper is peeling or has been applied over normally flammable surfaces.

Engineered within the product are other class leading Wallrock features, a no nonsense paper - strong, durable and easy to hang. 

Can be used on a whole variety of problematic walls and ceilings, adding fire protection to cracked and damaged surfaces, which can be covered quickly and easily, and because of its class leading strength and durability it will also help to reinforce your wall surfaces.

Developed with the best modern materials and technology to enable old and tired walls to be smooth once more. 

Watch this video to see for yourself just how effective the Wallrock Fireliner is.

So I hope this information has given you a better insight into lining papers and why and how we would install them.

We have been using our decorating skills by installing lining papers in Sheffield and the surrounding areas for years. If you would like any more information on this matter please get in touch.

For more painting and decorating inspiration check out out Instagram page Drew Decor.

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