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Bathroom – or Bath as a Room?

Drew Décor Store answers your questions about decorating the bathroom.

Much consideration is given to the fixtures and hardware in a bathroom and little to the decorative pleasures this room can provide. As Deborah Needleman, author of The Perfectly Imperfect Home, points out, “The setting should offer charm and delight, not simply efficient plumbing and clean surfaces… the lesson of subverting this room’s chrome and tile dominance is one worth heeding.”

In this gem of a book, Needleman encourages us to think outside the box and include some actual furniture (of the kind you have in other rooms). She writes about warming up the space to imbue it with a feeling of a well lived life. If you don’t have space for a big chair then a little stool or bench can work well too.

Consider including framed photos, artwork and pottery - the key is to invite your personality in as you would in a regular room. A firm favourite at Drew Décor Store are wallpapers from Cole and Son’s Fornasetti Collection and, hot off the press, their new Seville Collection. These luxury wallpapers include delicate line drawings and brilliant colourways to lift the bathroom to ‘room’ status.

Top tip: Our leading brands of wallpaper are all suitable for bathrooms provided the room is well ventilated. A layer of clear polyvinyl finishing coat can also be added on top of the wallpaper if desired.

Want to find out more? Drop into Drew Décor Store for a free design consultation and to see our great collection of top brand wallpapers, paints and window furnishings. And remember “Bath as Room” has your personality and the spirit of a well lived life.

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