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Adding warmth to your walls.

One thing we are doing more of these days is adding wallpaper and colour to the family room.

More and more people are extending on their property to add an open plan kitchen, dining room and living space. This is the modern way of living. You can be cooking dinner while you watch over the kids chilling in the living area. Most building companies are building new houses with these new rooms and style of living.

The family room is normally painted out in a very light colour or even white .

But more and more people are wanting to add colour and texture to these spaces now to make it feel more homely, softer and warmer.

The family room can also be very echoey and loud with it been a large open space.

We can soften this by using fabrics and wallpaper to absorb the noise.

Why not add some light fabric curtains where your bi folding doors are or add a wallcovering to your walls?

The family room can also look cold if it is painted out in light colours. We can add warmer colours of paint to your walls to make the space feel warmer. Why not add a combination of wallpaper, paint and fabric to get the full effect.

Just by adding one feature wall can make a huge difference.

When undertaking this sort of work make sure you use good quality paints and wallpapers. A good quality wallpaper will stand the test of time and the design and detail will be greater.

Here are some of my top brands and inspiration for you to look at.

This particular project was the perfect example of a cold, lifeless kitchen/family room extension. We added warm colours and wallpapers to transform it into a warmer, more homely living space.

The wallpapers here is Cole & Son Mediterranea and is available in different colourways.

The colour is by Zoffany paint and is called Mushroom. Just look at the difference it makes, a total transformation adding interest and style to the walls.

I just love how the light picks out the metallic high lights of the odd building and roof. This wallpaper oiriginally conceptualised in the late 1940s for the entrance hall of Piero Fornasetti’s Milan residence, Mediterranea is a sprawling cityscape of roofs, domes, and windows. Each detailed element of the scene is brought to life through radiant Metallic highlights and bold line work, with striking ground hues of White and Charcoal.

This feature wall works great with the TV. The wallpaper is a black and gold spot which blend together when looked at at a distance.

This family room was transformed by just adding one feature wall. It works well with the rest of the walls and ceilings painted in a light colour. This is definitely a focal point.

This wallpaper is wide wallpaper and would require a specialist decorator to hang.

I love how the pattern flows across the wall.

Another favourite of mine is this wallcovering by Arte. This wallcovering is a vinyl that will last for ever. The depth to the design draws you in and brings the two areas together beautifully.

It just shows you how wallpaper can add so much to a room.

This dining room/living area was transformed by adding this detailed Cole and Son wallpaper

The detail of this wallpaper is off the scale.

I hope you have took some inspiration away with you from this post. It might get you thinking of your family room space and how you can transform yours.

All these wallpapers and more are available from the Drew Decor Store where Suzanne can help and guide you every step of the way.

For more home decor inspiration check out our Instgram page

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