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Which Paint Brand Should I Use?

There are many brands of paint some are cheap and some are expensive. You can walk into any DIY store and get easily confused with all the different types of paint, so what is the best paint to use?

The best emulsion paint on the market is Dulux. For interior ceilings, walls and wood work Dulux paints are right up there. The emulsion is easy to apply and has great coverage. It leaves you with a smooth rich finish that is consistent. For wood work the oil based Undercoat has high coverage that leaves you with a smooth surface for applying your top coat. Dulux trade gloss is the best on the market. It is easy to apply and flows nicely to leave you with a tough high gloss finish. So in summery Dulux trade in my mind is number one.

Crown Paints are a step behind Dulux. The emulsions are not as good as the Dulux Trade due to the opacity and consistency in the final finish. Also the Crown oil based paints gloss/undercoat do not flow on as good as the Dulux trade paints leaving you with possible brush marks. But Crown Trade produce a product called Clean Extreme. Crown Clean Extreme is a scrubbable matt paint that is the best scrubbable paint on the market. It is a matt finish but to be honest it leaves you with a slight sheen and richness to it but compared to the Dulux Trade Diamond, Crown have got one over on them.

Farrow and Ball, expensive is the first thoughts on this paint. Don’t get me wrong price doesn’t matter if the product is bang on but with the Farrow and Ball paint it has its down falls. Positives, Farrow and Ball leaves you with an exceptional finish, you can tell if you have their product on your ceilings/walls/woodwork. But with the matt finish, because of the traditional way it is made, it can crack in corners, it is easily marked, so if you have kids try and stay away from this one. Also you will need three coats on previously coated ceilings/walls/woodwork compared to the two coats of Dulux Trade. Leaving you with an expensive paint that you need more of to complete your project. But if you can get past all that, the finish and look you get from Farrow and Ball is second to none.

Johnstone’s Paint is again one of the best. Catered for the professional decorator Johnstone’s are right up there. Offering quality paints which leave you with a great finish. I would put these guys in second place due to its quality and prices.

The Others...

DIY home brands are not the best. They may be cheap but you will end up applying more coats of paint on the surface. This means you will be buying more of the product so the cost is really the same or more as a Dulux Trade paint or Crown paint. Also they will not be as hard wearing meaning you will be decorating sooner. Also this is the same rule for the ‘off the shelf paint’ what I mean by this is ready mixed retail Crown, Dulux paints (not the Trade).

And finally.....

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