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How to Paint Skirting Boards with Carpet Down

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

If you have a carpet or hard floor down and you are wanting to paint the skirting boards you must mask up. This method will prevent you from getting paint onto your carpet or hard flooring when you are painting the skirting boards and dragging carpet fluff into the paint. Here is how to do it.

1  First of all, you must have a good quality masking tape with a width of 2”, no thinner.

2  Find the end of the masking tape and use the roll as a guide holding the tape tight against the skirting board.

3  Start in a corner and pull out to the end.

4  Make sure you are tight up to the skirting board with the masking tape or slightly overlapping onto the skirting board.

5  Cut off the end of the masking tape with a sharp scraper, we normally use a 3” scraper.

6  Push the masking tape down the back edge of the carpet and press down making sure the making tape is tight up against the skirting board with no carpet showing.

7  Repeat this all around the bottom edge of the skirting boards and around any door frames that you might be painting.

8  Once you have masked up you can then paint the skirting boards without getting paint onto your carpet or hard flooring. This also prevents you from dragging carpet fluff into your paint.

9  If you are getting rid of the carpet, you can cut a 2” gap around the edge of the carpet so you can paint right down to the bottom of the skirting board.

But please be careful of cutting your fingers or catching them on the carpet gripper. The carpet can then stay down until the carpet fitter removes the carpet and lays the new. We use both these methods when we are carrying out painting and decorating projects in Sheffield.

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