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Hidey Hole 307: The Secluded Writing Hut of George Bernard Shaw

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hidey Hole 307: The Secluded Writing Hut of George Bernard Shaw

In the grounds of George Bernard Shaw's Hertfordshire residence lies a small, unassuming hut that played a significant role in the creation of some of the most iconic works of modern literature. Dubbed "London" by Shaw, this hut was where he found the tranquillity he needed to write. Built on a circular steel track, the hut could revolve to follow the sun throughout the day, and its location amongst the trees provided a peaceful and secluded environment that Shaw found conducive to his writing.

The Origins of Hidey Hole 307

In 1924, George Bernard Shaw commissioned the building of a small hut to serve as a private writing space on his property in Hertfordshire. The hut was designed to be easily camouflaged and hidden from view, giving Shaw the privacy he needed to work without interruption. The circular steel track on which the hut was mounted allowed it to follow the sun throughout the day, providing optimal light for Shaw's writing.

The Design of Hidey Hole 307

The hut was a small, circular structure made of wood and painted in a pale green colour to blend in with the surrounding trees. It had a single door and a small window that allowed for natural light and ventilation. The hut was mounted on a circular track, which was connected to a central pole. This allowed the hut to rotate 360 degrees, following the sun throughout the day to provide optimal light for Shaw's writing.

The Legacy of Hidey Hole 307

Shaw wrote several of his most famous works, including "Pygmalion," "Saint Joan," and "Major Barbara," in the hut. The space allowed him to work undisturbed, and the natural surroundings provided inspiration for his writing. Today, the hut has become a popular destination for fans of Shaw and literature in general. It is a testament to the power of a peaceful, secluded environment to foster creativity and productivity.

Creating Your Own Hidey Hole

While most of us cannot build our own rotating hut like Shaw's, we can still create a secluded writing space to enhance our creativity and productivity. Here are some tips to help you create your own Hidey Hole:

Choose a quiet location

  • Your Hidey Hole should be located in a quiet area where you can work without distractions. This could be a spare room in your home, a quiet corner of your backyard, or a local library or coffee shop.

Create a comfortable space

  • Your writing space should be comfortable and inviting. Choose a comfortable chair and desk, and add any other elements that will make the space feel cosy and inspiring.

Add inspiration

  • Decorate your Hidey Hole with items that inspire you, such as artwork, photographs, or quotes from your favourite writers. Surrounding yourself with inspiration will help keep you motivated and focused on your writing.

Eliminate distractions

  • Remove any distractions from your writing space, such as your phone, television, or other electronics. This will help you stay focused and avoid interruptions while you work.

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In conclusion

A secluded writing space can be a powerful tool in enhancing your creativity and productivity. Take inspiration from George Bernard Shaw's Hidey Hole 307 and create your own space where you can find the tranquillity you need to create your own masterpiece.

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