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Add style with wallpaper

You can add interest and detail to your walls with wallpaper.

Just by adding wallpaper to your walls will add a sense of luxury and warmth to your room.

Wallpaper is super durable and can add texture, colour and character to your walls.

Lots of families have extensions added to their homes now and are more likely to have open plan kitchen, dining and living area for the modern day living.

Many are big and plain.

You can add interest, texture and impact to these rooms by adding a feature wallpaper to one wall.

This makes the room more inviting and interesting, adding style and art to your walls.

Don’t be scared of using wallpapers in small rooms like toilets and bathrooms.

Check out these wallpapers I have picked out from the Drew Decor Store.

Hawksmoor by Zoffany is inspired by the works of constructive textile artists, Hawksmoor is an abstract three-dimensional fossil effect wallpaper which combines both metallic and matt inks.

Available to see and touch at the Drew Decor Store

Michael Clark designed this now iconic wallpaper pattern, in 1959. Originally designed as a screen print, the Woods wallpaper pattern features bold sketches of trees making a unique forest repeat.

Available in phantom shades of grey blue and white, shaded purple, gold and terracotta, a stunning dark brown on silver foil, and classic black and white. This design can be custom coloured, for further details contact Bespoke Services.

Buy the Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper online with the Drew Decor Store now!

The iconic Cole & Son Woods wallpaper design featuring a forest of trees, has borne fruit; golden pears in shimmering metallic hues have been printed on shades of twilight grey, cloudy white and midnight black.

These wallpapers are paste the wall products and easy to hang.

Order now with the Drew Decor Store

Fish appear as motifs in some of Piero Fornasetti’s earliest work – such as luxurious silk scarves, trays and decorative porcelain – having been fascinated by the dichotomy of marine life’s simple aspect hiding a fascinating, mysterious nature within the depths of the ‘aquarium’.

The whimsical composition and scale of Acquario creates a unique and striking wallcovering, whilst the colour palettes retain a Fornasetti classicism in tones of Ink, Seafoam, and Soot with Taupe providing a muted alternative.

You can buy the Cole & Son Acquario wallpaper online with the Drew Decor Store.

This charming Cole & Son bird print wallpaper is presented in four new colour-ways of toned down neutrals, with flamingo pink and moonlight silver adding a touch of elegance.

See the design at the Drew Decor Store or buy the Cole & Son Flamingo wallpaper online with the Drew Decor Store.

Verdure by Zoffany is based on a late 17th century painted cloth. At the peak of their popularity these stayned linen cloths were nailed to walls floor to ceiling around entire rooms.

Verdure has been digitally printed onto widewidth wallpaper to show the full scale of the design and is available in two colourways. It is also available as a linen print.

This can also be hung by the wallpaper experts at Drew Decor.

Nuvole was composed from an atmospheric etching of clouds, forming an immersive skyscape.

A large-scale mural design, Nuvole adds depth and drama to an expansive interior.

Available in a thundery Black and White colour palette.

Add clouds to your ceilings or walls today. Visit in store or order Cole & Son Clouds wallpaper online today.

Add texture with wallpapers from Today Interiors.

SURFACE is a contemporary collection of designer wallpapers. Create a breathtaking atmosphere with iridescent mottles and marbles, mica effects, curvaceous lines, subtle broad stripes and 3D brushed metal effects.

Available in stylish colour palette of black, copper, graphite and gold together with neutrals, soft blues and green, making Surface very versatile collection.

You can shop in store and feel the textures of Today Interior wallpapers at the Drew Decor Store or browse the collection of Today Interiors wallpapers online with Drew Decor Store.

Buy Today Interiors Wallpaper online here today.

Part of the Definition collection Lustre is a vinyl wallcovering with a painterly impressionistic design which creates a raw stripe effect on an embossed crackle-effect ground.

Available in four colourways this designs looks equally striking hung both vertically and horizontally.

Order your sample at the Drew Decor Store.

It’s no wonder that Silvan forests feature so heavily throughout literature and folklore; the sense of being wholly enveloped upon stepping into an array of trees and undergrowth as far and wide as the eye can see creating an awe-inspiring feeling.

Translated here in Forest’s large-scale, intricately hand-painted, fantastical trees, the dappled light traverses through far off branches as the dense ground cover emits the warm and welcoming woody fragrance of childhood memories.

Visit in store at the Drew Decor Store, Eccelsall Road, Sheffield or buy Cole & Son Botanical Forest online today.

Uccelli, meaning birds, originated as luxurious folding screens depicting vibrantly coloured birds of all species adorning sparse branches.

Since translated to a beautifully intricate wallcovering panel design, this delicate motif brings an ornate quality to a stand-alone feature wall or, used in repeat, creates a stunning aviary rich in detail and colour.

Cole & Son has updated this arresting study with two new unique colourways, Ballet Slipper pink and Cerulean Sky.

The original Cole & Son Palm Leaves print has been multi layered to create a dense jungle of foliage.

Five colour-ways are offered in vibrant hues of emerald green, teal, china blue and subtle metallic and a further two luxurious colour-ways feature lustred backgrounds on a textured base paper.

Come and see for yourself at the Drew Decor Store on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield or buy Cole & Son Palm Jungle online today with us.

Has the White House really had Drew Decor in?? Sheffield best!

Gin or Whisky?

Derived from an ice bucket design entitled ‘Oggetti Cocktail’ created by Piero Fornasetti in the 1950s, Cocktails showcases the maestro’s fascination with repeated studies of the same subject in order to create multiple variations upon the same theme.

Its stylized mid-century graphic bottles and glassware were created in a vibrant Multi colour palette, true to the original sketches, which is complemented by a softer Pastel palette and the monochromatic Soot and Snow.

Fancy a tipple, Buy Cole & Son Cocktail wallpaper with us today.

A highly figurative interpretation of an original ink and salt-printed silk fabric which could be construed as a mountainous landscape or a glacial terrain. Obsidian is an innovative digitally printed panel from Definition Wallcoverings available in four colourways.

This design is sold in panels of 3m length by 140cm wide and are supplied as a left and right panel. They can be used independently as a single panel or joined to create one large continuous panel. This design is supplied untrimmed and we recommend that a professional decorator with experience of hand trimming is used to hang these papers.

Contact Richard at Drew Decor today for wallpaper hanging in Sheffield.

If you like this style of wallpaper contact Suzanne at the Drew Decor Store, Wallpaper and Paint shop in Sheffield.

Conway is a glorious rotary-printed geometric design with its effective use of matt and metallic inks is a faithful interpretation of a 1930s weave archive document and epitomises the decadence of the Art Deco era.

A part of the Muse collection this wallpaper is named after Gordon Conway a fashion artist and Vanity Fair illustrator whose designs captured the mood of the jazz age.

Come visit the Drew Decor Store today and feel the quality.

Libreria expands upon one of the most iconic Fornasetti motifs of leather-bound tomes with the addition of the collector’s ‘library’ of Objets d’art and glassware adorning its shelves.

The jewel-like Rich Multi palette of emerald, sapphire and ruby creates a dazzling feast for the eyes, with subtle metallic gold highlights on book spines, glassware detailing, and each golden ornament for a rich and decadent wallcovering.

See the detail at the Drew Decor Store today or Buy Cole and Son Libreria wallpaper online now.

The bold repeat of Mediterranean citrus fruits seen in Arance are a prolific theme throughout the Fornasetti archive, originally appearing on the tray ‘Fette d’arancia’ in the 1950s and repurposed by Barnaba Fornasetti in the 90s as a graphic fabric print. This organic study has been produced in true-to-life palettes of Blood Orange, Orange, and Lemon on strikingly contrasting grounds of chalky Seafoam and Stone, as well as the sumptuous Ink.

This wallpaper is featured on the walls at the Drew Decor Store on Eccelsall Road, Sheffield.

Take a look yourself.

Buy Cole & Son Orange wallpaper online today.

The intricate curves and ripples of semi-precious stones and fossils appear throughout Fornasetti’s work, with the hypnotic curves becoming synonymous with the Fornasetti canon.

The iconic Malachite is presented in unique luminous mineral shades with airy Parchment and subtle Gold, and Royal Blue and Silver, as well as the arresting Emerald and Black, and White and Black for a captivating interior option.

Add style to your home today, buy Cole & Son Malachite wallpaper online.

Glistening subtly with the appearance of crushed glass this stunning starburst motif captures the effect of dappled sunlight playing on water. Inspired by Anthologys original Shore design Perlite has been updated with new mineral inks to give a dry textural effect.

Check it out at our Eccelsall Road Store today.

So if you want to add interest, style and detail to your walls visit the Drew Decor Store today and see, feel, touch the wallpapers for real.

Alternatively you can place your order online with the Drew Decor Store Here.

If you want to put your feet up and let the experts hang the wallpaper contact Drew Decor today to arrange a quote.

At Drew Decor we strive to deliver a top service and experience from start to finish.

If you are interested in using our services, contact us today!

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