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Cole & Son woods and pears

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you how easy it is to transform your room with a feature wall of wallpaper in 6 easy steps.

Yes 6 easy steps.

I will take you step by step from choosing the right wallpaper for your room, calculating the correct amounts of wallpaper to finally hanging the wallpaper.

I wont need to show you how to kick back with a drink and admire your new luxury room that you will love.

Its so easy!

We are looking at the iconic Cole & Son woods and pears design. It has borne a host of golden pears in shimmering metallic hues of silver and bronze.

This wallpaper from Cole & Son adds a touch of magic and contemporary look to any interior.

Step 1

Choosing the right design.

Do your research and find the right wallpaper design.

Once you have found the right wallpaper design the best thing to do is order a sample and stick it on your wall that you are going to wallpaper and make sure your happy with it.

Have two or three options.

You can order samples of Cole and Son wallpaper for free from the Drew Decor Store.

Step 2

How many rolls?

Once you have decided on your desired wallcovering its time to calculate the required amount.

Thats easy, go to the wallpaper calculator and type in your measurements.

Step 3

Place the order

Once you have calculated the correct amount of rolls you need, enter the amount into the space and go through the payment process. This will be dispatched directly to your address.

Dont for get the paste!

Step 4


Make sure you have all the tools you need and the room is ready for wallpaper.

Step 5

Hanging the wallpaper

Start from the side closest to the window or natural light.

1. If the wallpaper is 52cm wide measure 50cm from the corner and draw a line with a spirt level from ceiling to skirting board.

2. Paste the wall (if paste the wall wallpaper) by cutting in top and bottom with a brush with the paste then rolling the middle with a clean roller.

3. Hang the wallpaper direct on to the wall making sure you but the edge of the wallpaper to the pencil line.

4. Smooth out with a wallpaper brush or spatular.

5. Cut the top and bottom with a decorators wallpaper knife and or any edges.

6. Wipe off any excess pate with a wet sponge.

Now you have the first length on you can repeat the process from 2 to 6.

Its as easy as that. Paste the wall wallpaper from Cole and Son is so easy to hang and the quality is excellent making it easy to hang.

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Thank you for reading this blog.

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