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When it comes to paint, there is so much choice and it can be quite difficult to narrow down the perfect paint choice, but we have the expertise to help you and put together a scheme that's tailored to your specific taste. We’ll discuss the colours you like, which colours you wear and the colours you associate with the things you love. This will help you pick out a few colours from the Zoffany and Sanderson paint stands we have in store, so that you can create the perfect colour palette for your home. Plus, all paint orders are delivered direct to your home free of charge.

Paint Shop Sheffield
Paint Shop Sheffield

Simple & stylish paint

When it comes to paint, we like to keep it really simple without compromising style. Much like our fabric and wallpaper, the right paint choice can absolutely transform a wall, a room, or your entire home, but we want to help you focus on what’s right for you and your home rather than present you with too many paint choices and confuse you. So, we've chosen to offer paints from Sanderson and Zoffany. Well known, well respected brands that never fail to deliver.

Paint Shop Sheffield

Sanderson are world renowned paint manufacturers. They have 154 colours in a selection of finishes that can be used throughout the home for multiple applications. From traditional to contemporary interiors, this timeless palette has been designed for homes where style matters. Sanderson paints are bursting with the best grade pigments to ensure quality of colour, excellent coverage and a smooth application that professionals love. Every shade is available in two finishes; Active Emulsion, and Water Based Eggshell, giving you the opportunity to work across your entire home with ease.

Paint Shop Sheffield

Zoffany paint has exceptional coverage, outstanding depth of colour and an effortlessly sophisticated palette is the hallmark of the Zoffany paint collection. There are 156 exquisite shades, fine-tuned to perfection and beautifully created to complete and enhance their fabric and wallpaper collections which are also available from store. The paint collection features bold highlight colours as well as versatile neutral shades, each one available in three finishes; True Matt Emulsion, Elite Emulsion, and Acrylic Eggshell. Each finish is crafted to the highest specification and infused with superior grade pigment. For you, this means flexibility to create decor schemes across your entire home.

Paint Shop Sheffield

Paint tips from our experts

We feel that too much choice can be overwhelming so try and resist going home with endless sample pots. Also, we recommend you don't paint the tester colour onto your wall as they react to one another and to the existing colour of the wall itself. Instead we advise customers to paint a square piece of card as you can look at them in the room without the confusion of other colours. Put them next to the colours you want to combine them with. Those for skirting boards, window frames and the neighbouring rooms and see how they work.

Neutrals and accents

You have lots of options when it comes to paint. Sometimes the amount of options can seem overwhelming but we’re on hand to help every step of the way. Consider combining a main neutral shade with an accent colour, whether it’s bold or subtlety striking. Feature walls offer a great way to embrace accent shades. Highlight fixtures such as fireplaces or doors, and if painting the main wall isn’t an option, use accent colours on photo frames, chairs, drawers or cupboards as they will soon come alive with a touch of paint.

Alternative ideas

We strongly believe in listening to our customers to gather an understanding of exactly what they want, but when the customer is open to different ideas and different ways of addressing their project we can offer alternatives. Sometimes approaching a project from a different angle helps our customers achieve something amazing that they would never have considered. We also offer an ‘in store’ and ‘at your home’ consultation service, so that you can show us rooms that can be difficult to describe. This helps us consider the surroundings and the lighting in a way that’s invaluable.

Paint Shop Sheffield

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