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How to decorate a room which has limited natural light - Drew Décor sheds light onto your decorating

There is always one room in a home that just doesn’t get enough natural light. In this blog Glenda Strong discusses a fail-safe approach to the surfaces in the room which can solve this issue for you and bring delight to a previously unloved space. At Drew Décor Store we have two remedies for a darkened room. Both are of equal value though one approach requires more courage. Let me explain: one approach is to go lighter with white or off-white wallpapers that have a slight metallic shimmer on their surface.

The shimmer can be within the patina of the wallpaper, it could be a district pattern or a pattern that fades in and out. The limited amount of light in the room will pick up the shimmer on the paper adding the feel of extra light.

Okay, are you ready for the brave approach? Here we go: make the room darker – yes you heard me, darker. Here you embrace the sultry mood of the darker space. Use a dark wallpaper but again one with a shimmer to catch and make best use of the limited light.

Darkening the walls sounds counter intuitive and requires bravery but the results can be a fabulously relaxing space in which to be still and calm, a place where you can keep the world a bay as there is less sensory information to process.

For both these approaches we love Today Interiors’ ‘Shiraz’ because this range offers a choice both bold and subtle patterns to complement your personal preferences.


Pair your wallpaper choice with some of our uniquely tinted Zoffany or Sanderson paints. Accessorise with some metallic and stone objects or vases to further catch the available light and add low level table lamps or standing lamps to complete the look.

Light is important. Light and emotion are directly connected. But much of our workplaces and commercial areas are often overly lit by tungsten and fluorescent bulbs so that there is a lack of dark space in our day to day environment. In our own home we have more control to lift a space or to deepen it.  So, what approach are you drawn to? Dark or light?  Strong or soft patterns? Need some help? Let us know your thoughts about light and dark rooms in the comments here or pop in our welcoming store on 910 Ecclesall Road, S11 8TR, we are open for business and we offer  complementary decorating advice to help you make the perfect choice.

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